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Jonathan’s Story

11 Aug 2015 Jonathan’s Story

Hi, my name is Jonathan and I am 15 years old. I’ve been in House of Hope for several months. Before I came to House of Hope, I barely knew of God. Honestly, the only thing I knew was using His name the wrong way. It only took a few months in House of Hope before I actually had a salvation experience in my life. I had broken my foot and was in a brace on crutches. What I am about to share is the experience that caused me to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. It was my first prayer night in House of Hope, and at the end of the meeting they prayed for my foot. I was shocked to find that the pain was gone. I took off my brace and stomped my foot. There was no pain! At once I fell to my face; thanking God for showing me He is real. The other boys on campus noticed that I was no longer on crutches, and it caused them all to come together and worship. I’ll never again doubt my salvation experience. Because of what Jesus did in my life, some of the other boys asked Jesus into their hearts. Jesus Christ is real.