Frequently Asked Questions - House of Hope Orlando
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Frequently Asked Questions

HOH deals with many negative issues affecting today’s teens, including bullying, cutting, abuse, drugs, depression, anger, rebellion and much more.

A phone interview is first conducted with a parent to determine if HOH is a possible fit for your teen. Upon completion of the phone interview and a positive determination that HOH can possibly help your teen and family, an in-depth, face-to-face interview is conducted with both the parents and the teen. Based on the in-person interview, a determination will be made. If both parties agree to admit your teen, an application, health physical and contract must be completed.

House of Hope is a faith ministry relying on and believing in the power of the Holy Spirit, thus using prayer ministers instead of licensed professional counselors to pray deliverance, break generational curses, etc.  On occasion, a licensed professional counselor may be contracted for short-term purposes, for an additional charge.

The average monthly cost per teen is $2000, which includes housing, education and prayer ministry.  House of Hope uses a sliding scale based on your income.  If an in-person interview is scheduled, House of Hope requires the last 2 year’s of W-2 returns and the copies of the last 3 month’s bank statements.  A monthly fee will then be determined based on your income.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any form of insurance to help cover costs.

The length of stay varies per teen and is dependent upon the severity of issues with which your teen is dealing.  The average length of stay can be anywhere from 10-16 months.